Saturday, March 03, 2012

Blingy Shoes

Oh I know I said I'd show the Hello Kitty trinket box completion, and I still plan to, but the remaining rhinestones arrived so I can finish the burlesque shoes I'm making for my Ravelry swap buddy.

I got a pair of basic black heels from a budget clothing shop in my buddy's size and using Pinflare glue and some flat back acrylic rhinestones I started turning the pumps into something any glamourous burlesque queen would be proud to own.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello Kitty Trinket Box

I foolishly volunteered to have a stall at the school's summer craft fair. Since the day I volunteered I've been wracking my brain as what to make for the fair. If it had been the winter one it would have been easy, hats, scarves, and winter woollies are a given.

But Summer? What could I knit for summer? Amigurumi toys was a suggestion, as were dish clothes, but when I was making something for a swap I am doing on Raverly I realized how great this would be for kids.

Kids today still collect little trinkets and cards and bits and bobs, and it is hard to store all that wonderful treasures. So out comes an empty cigar box a bit of paint and some cricut magic and I have the start to someone's special box of treasures.

Watch this space for the completed box, and the other ones I've made.

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